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  •  Group Class
  • 1.1 Calendar Month: Our group classes are based on calendar months (11 months per annum. First half of December plus the second half of January are considered 1 month), not individual week classes (drop in card or PAYG). 
    • Group classes generally start in the first week of the calendar month which will be charged at the standard monthly price. Exceptionally on your first time in the club, Group classes can be joined after the first week of the month. The following table outlines pricing based on the starting week of a 4 week month.

Starting Week


1 – Full Month


2 – 3 classes (prorated)


3 – 2 classes (prorated)


4 – Last class+ 1 month: It Includes 1 class in the current month and the full following month, otherwise, the single group class (PAYG) fee of £25 applies.


  • The following table outlines pricing based on the starting week of a 5 week month

Starting Week


1 – Full month


2 – 4 classes


3 – 3 classes


4 – 2 classes


5 – Includes 1 class in the current month and the full following month, otherwise the single group class (PAYG)  fee of £25 applies


  • Transfer between classes: If you start a month with a class, you can apply for a transfer in the middle of the month. We will process your request and let you know if the change is possible. Group classes can only be changed once a month – our drop-in card gives you the flexibility of attending any group class at your level or below.
  • 1.2 Booking: We recommend you pay 1 week before the month starts to secure your slot. Your instructor will add you to the class WhatsApp group. The payment is held until the month has finished or the private lesson has been concluded satisfactorily. We do not accept cash. 
  • 1.3 Packs:
    • 1.3.1 Two class pack: Two classes per week for £100: You are eligible to have 1 class back per paid month. Additional weekly classes can be added at a cost of £50 each.
    • 1.3.2 Three month pack: You are paying £150 in advance and in a row, and we guarantee your slot for 3 consecutive months. Cannot be used for nonconsecutive months. 1 classback per month.
      • Reason to cancel: injury or emergency (send the proof of the GP).  Holidays cannot be used as a reason for cancellation but you will be able to transfer your month to a drop-in card or a private lesson or hold the money as credit. You must email us within 6 days after each month starts.
      • Postpone: You have to email before the month you want to postpone and make a payment of £10 to transform your ThreeMonthPack into a normal month. 
    • 1.3.3 Family or Couple pack. £100 for 2 people per month. Both must attend during the same month. 1 classback per person. 
    • 1.3.4 Drop in card:
      • Class must be booked 48 hours in advance
      • Subject to availability, possessing a drop-in card does not guarantee a slot in the class – classes are limited to 12 students
      • Cancellation must be done 24 hours in advance
      • Card will expire 3 months after first use
      • Freeze/Extend the card:
        • Reason Injury or emergency (send the proof of the GP).  Holidays cannot be used as a reason for cancellation. 
        • Postpone: You have to email us. We will freeze your card until you come back and the time and classes back you had left will be restored. 
  • 1.4 Cancellation:
    • Cancellation of monthly group class bookings must be done within 6 days of your first class.
    • Any attended class will be subtracted from the payment on a pro-rata basis, the remainder will be kept as credit for 12 months
    • Credit is transferable to other students or can be used to purchase other services
    • LSLife reserves the right to cancel any group class which will be refunded pro-rata
  • Private Lesson
    • 2.1 You will be asked to provide information including level, hours, times, and location
    • 2.2 Your payment: Make your payment to guarantee your booking and secure your time slot. Please use the same name used in the email you sent us as the payment reference. Your booking will be processed by our booking system and shared with our instructors. An appropriate instructor will be assigned to your booking. They will create a WhatsApp group chat with you to schedule your class. Your payment will be held until the month has finished or the private lesson has been concluded satisfactorily. 
    • 2.3 To book further lessons you can repeat your payment with a minimum of 48h in advance to secure the lesson and please discuss this with the instructor in the group chat. Any communication outside of the group chat or any attempt to bypass London Skate Life is prohibited and not covered by our services or insurance.
    • 2.4 Location: Our location fees are based on Central London. Classes requested for a zone 2 location incur an additional fee of £10 with a £5 increase per each subsequent zone. See table below.


Additional Charge










£5 additional charge per subsequent zone

You can work out which zone you are in using a tube map.

  • 2.5 Cancellation:  
    • You have 24h before the lesson starts to cancel and hold your money as credit and you can use it for other students or transfer to other services: Drop in card, group class. If you do not communicate on time, we cannot guarantee your money back. 
    • LSLife reserves the right to cancel the private lesson if any instructor is not available. We will hold your money as credit or refund you in full. 
    • Preferable date and time: If we are not able to find an instructor for your preferred private lesson time, we will hold your money as credit or provide a full refund. 
  • 2.6 Level: Our private lessons are based on Level. First Timer and Advanced levels require a high understanding of the student’s learning, and additional preparation time by our instructors, which is reflected in the price of the class.
    • Lower Level: If you tell us you are a Beginner to avoid paying more and later we find you are a First Timer, you will be liable to pay an additional fee. First Timers require more instructor experience, attention and focus.  
    • Higher Level: If you tell us you are a beginner and we find that you are more advanced, you will be liable to pay the appropriate fee for your level. There is an additional £10 per subsequent level after Beginner.  


  1. 3. Benefits: 
    • 3.1 Freeclass: All of our students (new, current and old) are entitled to one freeclass per month in which a friend can be recommended to try any group class of their level or below for free.  One free class in the last week of the calendar month. Please email us with their name, level and email address. If your friend enrols in one of our group classes you will receive a 20% discount on a future purchase. Recommendation discounts are limited to 1 per person.
    • 3.2 Classback: All group class students have access to one classback per month with which they can recover any missed classes by attending another group class of their level or below. Classback expires after 30 days of missed class, is non-transferrable and must be used on a different day of the week. Kids, specials, and some group levels do not have class back. If you are already registered for all of our weekly group classes at your level, you will not be eligible for a class back at your level.
    • Slick Willie’s discount: all of our group class students can use their membership card at Slick Willie’s skate shop in London for a discount on products. Other students must email us to request a discount code. 
    • 3.4 Opening new group classes: If there is no skating group in your area, London Skate Life will open a 4 student group if you have 3 other people that want to learn to skate with you.
  • 3.5 Slick Willie’s Free Class: Purchase of skates at Slick Willie’s will entitle you to one free class in the last week of the calendar month
    • Communication
      • 4.1 Email: Please use londonskatelife@gmail.com to communicate.
        • Payments
        • Booking
        • Level test
        • Information Request
        • Trips/events
      • 4.2 WhatsApp group
        • Share media
        • Group chat
        • Notify you aren’t coming to a particular group class
        • Cancel with 24h notice before the drop-in card class or private lesson
        • Re-Book a private lesson
      • 4.3 Private Instructor message
        • Class Back

    We do not provide information, or manage student issues through WhatApp. Even if your question relates to a particular instructor, to guarantee the best service it’s important to email us to register this information and guarantee our quality. We can keep a track of all conversation and student history. Easy to understand better each individual situation. 

    1. Level:
    • 5.1 Video: Everyone is different, and different students will advance at different rates. We do recommend that you spend some time in your group class before attempting to transfer to a higher level, unless your instructor has told you otherwise. Once you are ready to increase your class level, you need to send us evidence of you completing the relevant exam – this should be sent by email and can be uploaded to any video sharing service.
    • 5.2 Rookie-Lower Level: If you tell us you are Beginner to get into the group classes but you are a First Timer (it is the first time you have skated), we will ask you to take private lessons and use your payment as credit to pay for the required private lessons.  
    • 5.3 Pro-Higher Level: If we realise you have underestimated your level, we will transfer you to a higher LSStage group. 
    • 5.4 Attendance: Irregular attendance and no extra practice out of the class will not improve your learning. We understand that coming to our classes is 20% of your learning, but if you only come to one hour and you do not practice during the week, or you come to a few classes and skip months, we cannot guarantee your learning and your level.
    1. 6. Payment and Credit
    • 6.1 Payment details: We have a Business Account so make sure you correctly enter our details and select business payee where required. 
      • Name: German Moreno Agudo
      • Biz. Acc: 84463102
      • SC: 60-83-71
      • Ref: Surname (same used in email communication with us) and service
    • 6.2 Payment must be received in advance in order to guarantee class service activation.
    • 6.3 We do not accept cash. 
    • 6.4 Your payment is held until the month has finished or the private lesson has been concluded satisfactorily. 
    • 6.5 We do not provide refunds unless you are injured or have cancelled at the appropriate time. Money will be kept as credit. 
    • 6.6 Credit: Credit is held for a period of 12 months, you must use your credit in this period or it will expire.


    1. Classback
    • 7.1 Quantity:
      • 7.1.1 One classback per paid month – limited to 1 per month. 
      • 7.1.2 Months with 5 classes, or group class subscriptions for less than 1 month are not eligible for classback.
      • 7.1.3 Non-accumulable, non-transferable.
      • 7.1.4 Must be used to attend a different group class of the same level or below, cannot be recovered in the same group in subsequent months.
    • 7.2 Expiration: You have 30 days from the missed class date to claim your class back. 
    • 7.3 Enquiry: Send us an email with the missed class date and the classback you prefer. Weekly timetable can be found on our website. Please note, the class back has to be taken after you miss a class, not before. 
    • 7.4 Availability: Classback is subject to availability, groups are limited to 12 students. 
    • 7.5 Validity:You only can use your class back if you have enrolled the following month. If you missed a class but you are not coming for the following month, you can’t claim your class back.
    • 7.6 No Class Back: Specials and Kids group.
    1. 8. Rainy days. London is a rainy city, we cannot cancel our classes when it rains. We will share the covered location in advance through our WhatsApp groups. 
    2. Specials: Classes focused on a specialised aspect of skating which is not covered in detail through our regular group classes. Due to the nature of these classes they are more expensive and last 1 hour. Class limit is 8 students, after 3 months these classes will become training sessions where the instructor is present but will not teach new skills rather go over previous skills already taught.
  1. Data protection: We do not share your email, phone, photos, videos and personal details with third parties other than any parties requiring your information for generation of discounts. 
  2. Social media (Signature required). We take photos after each session to make our weekly reports (group class or private lesson) . We may use this material for our social media accounts to continue sharing our community vibes and promote our classes. If you have agreed to use your picture but do not like one in particular, 

Please email us to londonskatelife@gmail.com if you do not agree to the use of your picture on LSLife’s social media accounts

  1. Equipment and protection: The club does not provide skates. We recommend that you buy your skates from our trusted shop Slick Willie’s using the % discount from your class enrolment. We recommend that you train outside of your weekly class schedule and that you warm up before the class. Use of protective gear is required (wrist, elbow, knee-pads), use of a helmet is recommended.
  2. Risk: By attending skating classes you understand that skating is a sport in which there are obvious risks of personal injury that are outside the control of London Skate Life. By attending classes you confirm that you understand that London Skate Life cannot be held liable for any personal injury caused to you while participating in any of our skating classes.

Please sign here to confirm your acknowledgment of the above: _____________

  1. DBS: In order to guarantee our best service for vulnerable students, our instructors are DBS checked. 
  2. Liability Insurance: The club is insured against injury and accidents during all of our skating classes. This does not affect the club’s liability should an accident occur. 

By subscribing to a service, you confirm that you have read and agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. (revised and updated periodically)*

  • Silvia has paid for 1 month but unfortunately, she couldn’t come to the first class of the month. 
    • Silvia needs to send an email once she misses a class. Is an LSLife benefit that each student needs to book for it. Class back has 30 days expiration time from the missed class and only you can apply for ONE class back per paid month. Not because Silvia has a class back, can’t consider that the following month will start from the second week of the month and use the class back as the first class of the first week. Our classes back are only available on other weekdays different than the one of you have paid. Our classes are based on calendar months, they start and finish like the months of the year. Email us back with Date of Missed Class and Date of Class Back. Easy! 
  • Paul has paid 3 months in advance for the Monday class but he has missed 2 classes in July, 1 class (30/08/2021) in August and in September is asking to have the 3 classes back.
    • Paul needs to send an email once he misses a class. Is his benefit but he needs to book for it. Class back has 30 days expiration time and only Paul can apply for 1 class back per paid month, they can be accumulated. Paul only can have the Class back on 30/08/2021 in another group, but not on Monday (the one he has already paid for 3 months) and he has the whole month of September to have the class back, but in October he won’t be able to have the class back. 
  • Sarah has paid 1-month of classes on the second Monday of June. 
    • She has paid a prorated price for the rest of the month, it doesn’t include the Class Back. June month will finish on the last Monday of June. So, Sarah will need to pay for the first Monday of July if she wants to continue with her classes. Please note, if you think you aren’t able to come on the first week of a month, you have to pay the full month and apply for your class back but we do not accept pro-rate payments if you are already one of our current students.  You only can start in a Half month, third week or last week if you are a NEW student or having your Holidays (Offer one time per year) 
  • David has a Private lesson at 11.00 am on 23/06/2021 but he forgot his GP appointment for the same lesson time.
    • 1: He tells us at 10.00 am on 22/06/2021 that he needs to cancel the lesson. The money he has paid will be kept as credit. 
    • 2: He tells us at 10.00 am on 23/06/2021 that he needs to cancel the lesson. We can’t refund the money as he didn’t cancel before 24hours. Our instructors have more private lessons on the same day so they organise the times and the transport times for each private lesson. The instructor has already cancelled his own personal plans, has maybe travelled to the lesson location, has no taken other private lessons, that’s why it is important to cancel at least 24hours before. In case you do not cancel at this time, LSLife will pay the full amount to the instructor.  
  • Robert is going on holidays for two weeks in July but he wants 2 weeks classes back. 
    • Unfortunately, the class back we offer is a student benefit, if the student wants to have 2 classes back the best option is to get a Drop-in Card instead of 1 monthly class. Robert will be able to have one class back but not two. 
  • Susan has purchased skates in Slickwillies and she wants the Freeclass Offer.
    • Our Free classes are only available in the last week of the month. You can take a free class like Susan in few simple steps. Purchase skates in Slickwillies, send us the receipt and book your free class for the last week of the month. Also, if one of our students recommend you, you also can come for free. 
  • Michael wants a private lesson for tomorrow.
    • Depend on the week, we can provide a private lesson on the same week the student is asking for. But 24h, not enough time for us to make the booking. The private lesson requires a minimum booking process: Payment, Coordination between Instructor and Student Availability and this process sometimes take more than 1 week due to our high volume of bookings. We recommend you program a private lesson at least 1 week in advance.
  • Carol wants a private lesson in Crystal Palace at 3.00 pm on a precise date.
    • Depend on the week, we can provide a private lesson on the same date the student is asking for. But sometimes, due to the extra location. Our private lessons are based in Central London and provide the lesson in zone 3 at a specific time, which requires a booking process a bit longer to find the right instructor. Also, the price of the lesson has to be calculated at this specific location.  We recommend you program a private lesson at least 1 week in advance.
  • Andrew brought 3 friends for free and 2 of them purchased monthly classes.
    • Andrew paid 40% less in the same month that his friends come to our monthly classes.  This promo applies only one time per new student.
  • Clare has a 9 years old daughter and she wants to come with her to one of the adult groups.   
    • Clare can enrol her daughter in our kid’s Sunday group.  The minimum age for people taking an adult group is 13.
  • Simon missed one class at the beginning of the month, and also he didn’t bring their skates to the office on a rainy day so he missed another class.
    • He can have only one class back per month. We normally provide a location for rainy days in the WhatsApp chat with 24 hours notice. But we do not cancel our classes because o the weather conditions. We live in one of the rainiest cities in the world. Imagine if we cancel because of rain. 
  • Chantel is going on Holidays 2 weeks in August. And she wants these 2 weeks back.
    • Unfortunately, LSLife can only provide 1 class back per paid month. If she wants the 2 classes back, she could get a Drop-in card and receive the full 4 classes without missing any class.
  • Bart wants to book half month
    • It is the First Time in the club, LSLife allows the new students to pay for HalfMonth as a way to start in the middle of the month, and do not wait until the month starts. This option is only available for newcomers if you are already with us and you want to get a half month option because it works better for your schedule, or holidays plan, unfortunately, the monthly option is not for you and you should get a Drop-in Card instead to attend the best class time suits you.
  • Carol wants to book 3 weeks.
    • It is the First Time in the club, LSLife allows the new students to pay for 3 weeks as a way to start after the first week of the month, and do not wait until the month starts. This option is only available for newcomers if you are already with us and you want to get a certain weeks option because it works better for your schedule, or holidays plan, unfortunately, the monthly option is not for you and you should get a Drop-in Card instead to attend the best class time suits you.
  • Martin wants to book 1 group class
    • Option 1: It is the First Time in the club, LSLife allows the new students to pay for 1 solo class at a prorated price of less than £25 as it PAYG. It is normal that last class of the month. 
    • Option 2: Martin is not sure if he wants to continue for the rest of the following month, he can pay PAYG: £25 for one group class. 
  • Alicia wants to book 1 group class for FREE
    • After buying skates in Slickwillies, Alicia wants to try for free one of our group classes. LSLife has organised all the Free classes for the last week of the month to allow the newcomers to enjoy the following full month and also we control better the number of students to do not exceed more than 12 per group. 
  • What are the differences between sessions and lessons?
    • Sessions are in group, 1 instructor and more students. You can get 1 session, 4 sessions card or a monthly course. Lessons are tailored to the way you want them to be. 1 instructor and you. 
  • What is a course?
    • Courses are made up of group sessions which take place once a week. This means the student receives 4-5 sessions a month, depending on which month it is.
  • How does a course cost? 
    • Each course costs £60 per month. This is paid at the start of each month. There are also many ways to get free and/or reduced sessions. Check our website to see our course deals.
  • When do I need to book my course?
    • Courses are booked and purchased monthly. 
  • Do I need to book individual sessions?
    • If you are already enrolled on a monthly course, you will not have to book individual sessions. However, you will need to book individual sessions if you have purchased one session. You will also need to book if you have purchased a drop-in card and want to an upcoming session. In both of theses cases,  sessions have to be booked up to 24 hours in advance. 
  • How much does a drop-in card cost? 
    • Drop-in cards are £75 each. You can purchase one through our email londonskatelife@gmail.com. The card allows the student to attend up to four sessions, of their choosing, within three months. These are good if you feel you cannot commit to attending sessions on a weekly basis or at regular times. 
  • How long the sessions take? 
    • The sessions last 75 minutes each.
  • What happens if I miss a session? 
    • If you miss a session you are able to claim it back at no extra cost. There are a few conditions however: The session you missed must be claimed back within a month of the end of your current course, e.g. if you miss a session in April, you have until the end of May to claim it back. You can only claim back one session for each monthly course. The session you claim back can only be used in a course on a different day to your regular course. For example, if you miss your regularly scheduled session that takes place on a Thursday, you cannot claim back your missed session during a future Thursday session. You can only claim it back in one of our sessions on a Saturday (or another session on another day that suits you better). To claim your missed session back, please email LSLife at londonskatelife@gmail.com 
  • Is there a minimum age for courses?  
    • The minimum age for people taking a course is 16.
  • I want to attend a course with LSLife, but I don’t know if I can commit to coming every week. What should I do? 
    • In this case we would recommend you purchase a drop-in card until you are able to fully commit to a course. We also suggest you take some private lessons as they allow you to learn a lot, in a much shorter space of time.
  • Can I jump into a monthly course in the middle of the month?
    • Yes, provided it is your first time in LSLife. Half-Month courses are available to new students only. They cost £30.
  • Do I need to book my private class?
    • Private classes can be booked up to 24 hours before your chosen time (though this does depend on the instructors availability – the more notice the better) Email us: londonskatelife@gmail.com 
  • How much does a private class cost?
    • Lessons cost £40-£75 (per hour) depending on your level and location.
  • Is there a minimum age for private classes? 
    • There is no minimum age for private classes.
  • How long are private classes?
    • A private class lasts 60 minutes 
  • Can I learn without group classes or private lessons? Why should I pay for learning?  
    • You can learn how to skate without being in a class and many people do. There are benefits to taking classes however. Most notably you can learn the correct techniques with far less ‘trial and error’, in a group that will motivate and encourage you. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other people who share your love and passion for skating and to become part of the London skate community as a whole.
  • What are the benefits of skating?
    • Skating has many benefits, both physical and social, including:
    • Sport: Providing anaerobic benefits, such as muscle strengthening and development. Improves dynamic balance, coordination, & agility. Increases core strength and cardiovascular health.
    • Health: Weight loss and maintenance. Low impact exercise.
    • Social: Increases self-confidence. You can dominate the skates to overcome fears, reach goals and become a better skater. 
    • Affordable and tiny: Shoes with wheels, you can keep them at home with no extra space, under the bed. A good pair of skates can be from £150 and guarantee you happiness for many years.
    • Peace of mind: Skating makes you connect yourself, to channel the daily stress and put your focus on the present moment, right here, right now. Recharging your energy!
    • Transport: Are the best transport in a big city, take the roads or the bicycle paths and arrive at your destination with no stress, dancing your favourite music and feel the best mood. We recommend you to use protective gear and reflective vest. 
  • What do I get from being a member of LSLife? 
    • Be part of something bigger is a way to add an extra meaning to our lives.  We are vulnerable to feeling lonely at any point in our lives. Belong to a group while you are learning how to skate is a double win. You will get awesome skills on wheels plus good friends on your level to share them with. And of course, do not forget you have material benefits too, like discounts, free sessions and much more. 
  • What does LSLife mean? 
    • London Skate or Learn to Skate. Put simply, LSLife means ‘London Skate Life’. We are a London based skate club whose members spend a lot of time skating. Some might even say they are living that #skatelife. Our way to focus our life is based on wheels. Life is better this way.
  • Why should I choose London Skate Life? 
    • If you are already on our website, it is because you like something you heard about us or have seen us somewhere. So keep on reading, find out about the different types of courses we have, find your level and register your interest. London Skate Life doesn’t just end with sessions though. Come and join us on the London street skates, or in one of London’s parks. Once we’ve added you to a class, other students will want to come and skate with you. If you’re going out, send a message. There’s a good chance that there will be someone who will join you. 

At LSLife we aim to support you and your skating in the best way possible. Whether it is through courses, private lessons, Whatsapp groups, social media outlets, email or our various offers and discounts, we want you to enjoy skating and all it can bring. Be part of something bigger than yourself. Welcome to LSLife Club! 

  • Do you have online skate tutorials? 
    • We recommend you to check our Highlights Stories on Instagram as we have some tutorials there. If you want a more specific answer feel free to get in contact and we will help you with some tips. 
  • Can I help you with your club? 
    • Yes you can! Email us and let us know how you can help us and your availability.
  • How can I get my LSLife clothing? 
    • If you like our LSLife merchandise and would like some of it for yourself, send us an email. You can also keep an eye out for promotions and giveaways. You might get lucky!
  • Do I get something from being in LSLife? 
    • Yes, you get lots! When you join us you will be entitled to LSBonuses. These include discounts when you buy Powerslide products from Slick Willies. You will also be offered discounts when you book a course with us or if you bring new students to sessions. You will also have access to 24 hour skating tips or assistance, and invites to free events.


  • Shall I use helmet in your sessions? 
    • We recommend to use the helmet in all our street and skatepark sessions. 
  • Do I need to bring protection gear?
    • We recommend to wear protection gear in all our sessions and events. This will increase your confidence to progress and try more challenging tricks and techniques.
  • Which clothes you recommend me to skate with? 
    • Skating is a sport, so we suggest you wear something comfortable that you can move in. We also suggest you use a rucksack on the days of your lessons. Other bags (tote bags, hand bags, etc) can be difficult to skate with, particularly if you are new to it.
  • Do I need to bring rollerblades or roller skates to my course? 
    • Yes you do! 
  • I have quad skates. Can I join your course too? 
    • Yes you can! We teach how to skate in both, however we only teach techniques up to stage one on roller skates  on the roller skates, only in the Stage 1.
  • Do you sell skates? 
    • No, we don’t. We recommend you to get them from Slick Willies. You can find here:  SlickWillies, 12 Gloucester Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 4RB
  • Do you rent skates? 
    • No, we don’t. We recommend you to get them from Slick Willies. It costs roughly £10 per day:  SlickWillies, 12 Gloucester Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 4RB
  • Which skates should I get? 
    • These days, there are many good brands specialising in different types of skating. However with so many different designs and options it can be difficult to choose.

We recommend you try Freeskate boots as they provide a good all round skating experience. Companies such as FR offer numerous models at a range of prices. If possible, avoid the cheapest skates (e.g. skates that cost £30 from large sports stores). A decent pair of skates can be usually be purchased for about £100. You can find some good deals on second hand skates, however if you are going to join one of our courses and are buying a new pair of skates at Slick WIllies ask us for a discount on your new pair of skates!

Once you have found a pair you like the look of, it is important that you try them on. In terms of sizing, you should aim to buy your regular shoe size and keep in mind all skates feel tight when they are new. The mistake a lot of people make is buying skates that feel comfortable the day they buy them. This usually means the skate is too big. With time the liners (the soft part you put your foot in) will begin to break down. If they are too big, the skate will become floppy and unresponsive, making skating slow, not fun and potentially dangerous. If the skates fit as they should, the liner will begin mold to your feet and become more comfortable with time and use. The more you skate, the quicker this will happen, so get skating!  

Even if it is your first pair of skates, it is worth investing a bit of time and money on a good pair that will let you learn comfortably and safely.

  • What if am I late? 
    • At the start of your course, you will be added to your Class Whatsapp group. Please use this group to communicate to your instructor you are late. 
  • What if I can’t come to a session I have purchased? 
    • Use the WhatsApp group to let your instructor you will not be able to attend and email LSLife to ask for your class back. Remember you can claim one session back per month. You have 30 days expiration time from the missed class. It can not be taken in advance and it has to be taken in on another class of the week, except the same class you normally attend (email us to book) Please check Terms and Conditions to find all the info. 
  • What if it is raining? 
    • Take your umbrella and your skate bag, stay smiling and come to our session anyway! We have got a rain safe place to run our session, located in Kennington. During the summer we also go to Royal Oak or Kings Cross that also have undercover places to skate. We do recommend that you keep an eye on your WhatsApp group though. They will inform you where to run the session will be. 
  • What if I fall during the session? 
    • Surprisingly beginner skaters do not fall a lot. Beginners fall less than the Intermediate level. At the first level, the speed and demand for tricks and techniques we teach you won’t put you at risk of falling. Our instructors spend a considerable amount of time teaching you techniques that will allow you to skate safely and be able to control your speed in a variety of situations. 

We recommend that you use protective gear and follow our mantra: Bend Your Knees. The more you bend your knees, the lower your gravity centre will be. In turn, the easier it will be to maintain your balance. If you stay low and you do have a fall, it will hurt less as you have less distance to go down. At LSLife we can’t insurance against falls, you but we teach you the best ways to avoid falls and the technique about how to fall.

  • What if I don’t have skates?
    • Once you become an LSLife Student you will be entitled to a 10% discount on all skate products at Slickwillies shop (12 Gloucester Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 4RB). Email us if you aren’t sure about what skates to buy.
  • I’ve noticed you take a lot of pictures of your students. I’m shy and don’t want my photo take…
    • While the pictures we take are for our sessions are mostly for internal report writing, we also use them for marketing purposes. We do know not everyone wants their photo taken. If you don’t want us to take your photo, please let us know by email before the start of your course.  
  • What if you took me a photo and I want to see it? 
    • Most of the time we share any photos taken in the class WhatsApp groups. Alternatively, follow us on social media by searching London skate life on Facebook or Instagram to see any photos we use for marketing. 
  • What if my feet hurt? 
    • Skates aren’t shoes. They are designed to support more weight and let the wheel move freely. If you feel pain it can often be a question of time for you to break in your skates and for you to get used to them. If you still feel pain, check if you are using the right size boot and they are still fitting your feet as they should. A common mistake is to not tighten the boot properly. Many of our students have overcome the pain once they have learnt how to use the right technique and how to set up their skates effectively. 
  • What if I recommend your sessions to a colleague or friend? 
    • Of course, you can bring your friends! If you do, you can bring them along to one free session. This can be done several times, with several friends, however. If your friend purchases a month-long course or Drop-in Card, we will give you 20% off your next purchase (with a Monthly course or Drop-in Card). This promo only applies for the first month of your friend’s course or their Drop-in card.
  • What is better between Course or a Private Lesson?  
    • It depends on what you want to achieve and what kind of experience you want to have when learning how to skate. Courses are more affordable than lessons because you share a specific time and learning plan with more people with roughly the same level as you. Being part of a group of people can be fun and really motivational. Many of our students often meet up outside of sessions to skate together.

Private lessons allow our instructors to make a customised plan for you at the time you need. This allows you to focus on improving the specific techniques you need to improve upon to make you a better skater. 

  • What if I can’t come every week? 
    • In skating, like any activity, practice makes perfect. The more you skate and the more regularly you attend lessons, the quicker you will improve. We do offer Drop-in cards, though we often find students who attend sporadically learn at a slower pace as they do not maintain and improve upon the skills they learn in sessions. 
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