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Our group classes start from LStage1: Beginner. Once you enroll in one group, you come the same specific day and time each week per calendar month until you reach the next LStage.


Duration: 1 class of 75min per week
Time: Same day and hour per group (Evening Weekday or Morning Weekend)
Students: Upto 12 students per group
Location: Tends to vary depending on whether a LStage, from season to season, weather conditions.
Communication: We use whatsapp groups to manage the relation between the instructor and students of the same group.
Gear: Please, bring your own skates, and we suggest you also bring wrist guards and knee pads. If you do not have them you can rent from the shop, Slickwillies.
Difficulty Level: Organised in 3 LStages and Exams in between to guarantee the same learning level. You can check “LStage” If you don’t know how to skate (FirstTimer) we recommend you to take upto 4 private lessons to start our Beginner group classes (LStage 1)
-One solo class (Pay as You go £25)
-Once per week (£60-1 class per week during one month) or (£150-1 class per week during three months)
-Twice per week (£100-2 classes per week during one month)
-Four classes on the period of 3 months (Drop in Card £75)

Pay as You Go

£ 25 one class
  • Join to 1 class

Drop-In Card

£ 75 per card
  • Access to 4 classes during 3 calendar months in a rows

1 class per week

£ 60 a month
  • Access to 1 class per week during 1 calendar month

2 classes per week

£ 100 a month
  • Access to 2 classes per week during 1 calendar month


£ 80 a month
  • Focus on the same modality once per week


Monthly Family Pack

£ 100 a month
  • 2 family members

1 class per week

£ 150 3 months
  • Acces to 1 class per week during 3 months at a discounted rate

Please, email us londonskatelife@gmail.com to book an option. All Payments by bank transfer

  • 4 or 5 classes of 75 min per month.
  • Same day, time and instructor
  • If you can’t come 1 class, don’t worry, email us to londonskatelife@gmail.com 
    and get that class back (no possible to accumulate 4 classes. The missed
    class will expire in 1 month. Only 1 class per month).
  • 2 monthly courses, you have 2 classes per month to miss and have it back
    (no accumulate option).
  • Enjoy a 15% discount in Slick Willies products.
  • Book you class before the month starts or start in the middle of the month.
  • Half-month don’t have the option to have the class back. This option is only in your first time you apply for Monthly Classes.
  • Kids Classes don’t have the option of Class Back

Drop in Card (only)

  • You have 4 classes of 75 min per card and 3 months to finish the drop in card.
  • Use the card as Membership identification to get a 15% discount in all skate products at Slickwillies.
  • Bring the card every class. Once you purchase your Drop in card you have 1 week to start coming your first group class and 3 months Expiration time from the first session use.
  • The instructor will provide you with the card and add you into the whatsapp group
  • SpeciaLS are not included*

You want to try our group classes, get a FREE GROUP CLASS using our Promotions:

SLICKWILLIES Get new skates in the skate shop: Slick Willies and attach your
purchase receipt photo on it.

STUDENT RECOMMENDATION: Your friend is having class with us? They can invite
you to try for Free. All we need is your friend’s name and surname. Send us an email
with this info. You only can be recommended one time

4 PRIVATE LESSONS: Have you done 4 private lessons with us? Try one group class
for free. Send us an email and please specify which lessons you had.

Once you have sent us an email to book the Free class, you have 1 month to book the Free group class. Due to the high number of students, our groups are almost full so we will manage the free classes upon availability. 

Our email address:


  • 1 hour class
  • Max: 8 students
  • No Class Back
  • Min: LStage2: Intermediate 
  • No PAYG or Drop in Card option

You want to come to the next LStage, but you aren’t sure which level you are in? Record the tests and message us. 

What we expect: We evaluate the whole exam in the same video, please group all the tests together. You can upload to google drive, Megaupload, dropbox or upload to Instagram, Facebook or Youtube and send us the link. 

What you receive: LSLife will certify you once you pass the exam and find you the perfect weekly class for you. 


LStage 1- Beginner

  • Wednesday 7:00 pm to 8:15 pm. Victoria Park (Spring to Autumn) and East Village (Autumn to Spring)|                            Postponed Until May 2021
  • Thursday 7:40 pm to 8:55 pm Hydepark (Spring to Autumn) and KingsCross (Autumn to Spring)
  • Sunday 11.00am to 12.15pm Hydepark 

LStage 2- Intermediate

  • Tuesday 6.15 pm-7.30 pm Hydepark (Spring to Autumn) and Central London (Autumn to Spring)
  • Thursday 6:15pm to 7:30pm Hydepark (Spring to Autumn) and KingsCross (Autumn to Spring)
  • Saturday 10.30 am-11.45 am Hyde Park (BlueBirds Boats)

LStage 3-Advanced

  • Tuesday 7:45pm-9.00pm Hydepark (Spring to Autumn) and Central London (Autumn to Spring)
  • Saturday 12.00pm-1.15pm Hyde Park

LS Kids

  • Beginner: Sunday 11:00 to 12:15 Hydepark (BlueBirds Boats)  for age groups 4-6
  • Intermediate: Sunday 12:20 to 13:35 Hydepark (BlueBirds Boats) 6+

SpeciaLS-Slides and Stops (from LStage 2)

  • Sunday 12.30pm to 1.30pm BlueBirds Boats
All prices are listed HERE
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