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We are a LondonSkateLife school that believes that regular weekly attendance is the key to achieving the skating level. We provide group classes every day of the week organised as calendar monthly courses. Each group class of 75min is an independent chapter to achieve a specific learning category of our teaching method. Before enrolling in our group classes options, we invite you to read carefully the info about our attendance packs (MetaLS Plans and CrystaLS Cards) and our Teaching Method (FundamentaLS and SpeciaLS) By clinking in each bold name you can download the full information of Description, Price and TimeTables.

We understand that London’s Life is really demanding and we do not have sometimes a specific work rota so we offer 2 types of attendance packs¬† (Plans and Cards). If you are able to come to the same class every week then the MetaLS Plan has been made for you. You have up to 5 different metaLS plans based on the number of classes per week or the length of your subscription takes. DOWNLOAD the MetaLS Plans description and price.

 But maybe your rota changes every week, and you prefer to choose which class to attend, our CrystaLS Card is your option, it allows you to come to 4 classes in the period of 3 calendar months. DOWNLOAD the CrystaLS Cards description and price.

Once you have decided what type of attendance you are more likely, it’s time to choose which type of Teaching method you want to develop: FundamentaLS: You can learn all general skating techniques from Beginner to Expert (See the FundamentaLS Timetable) or SpeciaLS: You specialise in a specific skating discipline in our classes (See the SpeciaLS Timetable)

Terms and Conditions are applied once you enrol in any pack*. Click to download

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