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Private lessons are highly recommended to all the first-timers, rookies and those wanting to improve their skills and confidence whilst having an instructor’s undivided attention.

How does it work?

Email us or fill the form below with your information, we email you back the price quote, after your payment, we activate your booking sharing your info with our team who will contact you to find the best time slot learn how skate with LondonSkateLife.

How much does it cost?

Pre-LStage: First Timer (No Experience: “I am a Complete Beginner”) + Kids under 7 years old

Private Lesson1 hour:2 hours:
1 Student£55£105
2 Students£65£125

LStage 1: Beginner (Please click on the video )

Private Lesson1 hour:2 hours:
1 Student£40£75
2 Students£50£95

LStage 2: Intermediate (Please click on the video)

Private Lesson1 hour:2 hours:
1 Student£50£95
2 Students£60£115

LStage 3: Advanced (Please click on the video)

Private Lesson1 hour:2 hours:
1 Student£60£115
2 Students£70£135

Party Pack*

Private Lesson1 hour:2 hours:
2-5 students£130£250
6-12 students£180£350

Additional Info:
*Cancellation Policy: If you want to cancel the class you must do so at least 24 hours before the class is due to begin. You can use the Whatsapp Group to manage your Cancellation. If you don’t cancel in this period of time, we will assume that you will be going ahead with the class and we will charge the full price. Our instructors have cancelled other plans to provide you with a lesson and they need to travel to get to the park in order to arrive on time. LSLife reserves this time for you and does not offer this time slot to any other student so if you cancel outside of the given time limit we will not be able to provide you with a refund.
Duration: 1 lesson takes 60 minutes

Time: Depending on instructor and student availability
Students: 1 to 1, friends or family group
Location: At the moment, all the lessons take place in Hyde Park. Additional locations will be subject to an additional fare fee of £10 (Zone 2) and £20 (Zone 3) we do not provide lessons outside zone 3. Our instructors need extra time and pay transport fares to go to those extra zones. 
Communication: We use WhatsApp groups to coordinate between instructors and students. You can use this group to arrange your next private lessons with your instructor. (Email us with the new time and day and payment reference for extra security). 
Gear: We don’t provide inline, roller or any other type of skates. Please, bring your own skates, and pads (wrist, elbow and knee pads). If you don’t have your own equipment, this can be purchased at Slickwillie’s Skate Shop which is near Hyde Park. Because of Covid-19 regulations, the shop does not currently rent out any gear.                                Discount: Once you complete your booking with us, we can provide you with 15% off at Slickwillie’s.                        Peace of mind: London Skate Life wants to make sure you are safe and covered in the event of an accident, that is why we benefit from Public Liability cover of up to £2 Million and Professional Indemnity of up to £1 Million. Any instructors that work with children or vulnerable adults are DBS checked.

Don’t forget to bring the Liability waiver signed and your own skates and pads!

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