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With some wheels under your feet there is always something new to try, especially if you live in big city like London, surrounded by thousands of spots and smooth streets ready to be conquered by you and your skates. Rollerblading gives you that complete freedom to explore and play with the environment around you, and whether you’re looking to link your first pushes, practice some fitness skating in the park, skate at full speed or start adding some style in the streets, the London Skate Life Club will get you progressing towards your goals! Use the options to help determine which rollerblade level you are…

Level 1 – A total beginner or you want to start again from scratch. Taking a private lesson or join one of our FIRST TIMERS FREE CLASS is by far the best choice to start your rollerblading experience. We’ll give you the basic skills ensuring learning is fun and confidence is built.

(I am a complete beginner or I have done an hour or two on rollerblades.

Don’t be scared to admit this is your first time, we all started from there! Getting the basics right in rollerblading is vital for your improvement.)

Level 2 – Once you’re able to push with both skates to roll forward, use your heel brake to stop and do some simple A-turns a little encouragement & help goes a long way. It’s time to build on those basic skills and start exploring the city.

(I can push with both skates to roll forward, use my heel brake to stop and do A-turns.)


Level 3 – You have taken off your heel brake and you’re happily linking parallel turns on most runs, although sometimes coming into difficulty to break with more speed, you wish to skate the whole city and find new challenges. We’ll give you the techniques to make your skating more dynamic, start rolling backwards and even learn a few tricks!

(I can skate forward at a stroll speed with confidence, perform a T-stop, do parallel turns, step on a curb and roll down from it. I have also practiced my balance on one foot.)

Level 4 – Even if you’re content with your skating, a few classes on a upper level can help you enjoy it even more … and chances are you’ll find out there’s still plenty left in stock. It’s time to increase your performance, dominate the city, throw some slides and jumps into your runs and master your backwards!

(I’m happy with crossovers, i can skate a gentle downhill and handle a bit more speed, perform some emergency stop. I’ve started to skate backwards and I’m confident with my balance on 2 wheels.)

Level 5 – THERE’S NO LIMIT TO YOUR IMPROVEMENT! We have programs for starting to really have fun on the streets and to turn you into a ninja! You’ll be surprised on finding how a 40cm jump can be an 80cm with a bit of coaching.

(I can jump small obstacles with confidence, I’ve started to practice some basic slides, my backwards has become natural and I’ve started to be confident on ramps. I have no problem on emergency stops and i have also started to roll down some stairs.)

Level 6 –You are confident on your skating and it’s time to add some spins to your jumps and to learn some of those crazy slides that you always see on Youtube. Your focus is to skate the streets at full speed and never miss the chance to throw a sick trick on a gap… there is always so much more to learn.

(I’m confident on steep downhills, I can jump small and medium obstacles with ease and i have no problem on 180 jumps. I can do all the basic slides, including parallel slide, and i mastered my backwards at high speed.)

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