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Welcome to the Beach on Skates!

Like every year. Before Corona, LondonSkateLife organises a trip for the club’s students. A moment to explore other cities on skates, enjoy the community that we have and enjoy the life on skates that each city has to offer. This year we are going to Barcelona, and here I leave you our plan.

Flight and Hotel: Everyone has different holidays or schedules, the same can be said about budgets for the trip, which Is why we recommend areas in central Barcelona. Our activities will take place near Forum but this area is like 30 min by skates from central barcelona, so come to the classes on skates. We recommend that you start purchasing flight tickets now as this will be more economical than buying them nearer the time. As we will be going in a large group, there will likely be mini groups for sharing Airbnbs and Hostels, but we are happy for you to choose whichever option is most appropriate for your budget. We do ask that if you choose a hotel with a penthouse, that you invite us to see the sunset!

Level: The trip is open to all students (and old club students) but it is restricted by level, LStage 2: Intermedate and above. If you are unsure about your level we advise that you send us your B-Test video, that was you can eliminate doubt and begin to train in order to be ready.


  • Classes: As a club we will organise classes based on SpeciaLS. Classes will be taught by one of the best skaters in Barcelona. 
    • 10-11pm – Rollerobics-Judith Abarca @judit.coach
    • 11-12pm – Slalom-Jon Larrucea @jonlarrucea
    • 12-1pm – Downhill (+ slides)-Pablo Soler @pablo.soler
    • 1-2pm – Urban (+Skatepark)-Danny Aldridge @dannyaldridge1111
  • LSRoll: Barcelona: After the classes will host a relaxed skate through the streets of Barcelona, giving priority to the coastal part, traveling through beautiful parts of the city. We will be accompanied by Marshals to better control the skate but we will need good performance in the streets. If you still doubt your level we invite you to attend more classes, take part in London skates like the Sunday Stroll and improve, you still have 3 months.
  • Dinner and Party: Given that not everything is skating, we will have a special dinner for us, where you will be able to enjoy Spanish gastronomy with the best company of LS. After this we will party, and use our shoes for the first time on the trip.

Price: We will require a Basic Fee of £50 per person (The fee includes 1 class of your choosing – each additional class will be charged at £15) in order for us to be able to offer classes, an official LSTrip T-shirt and a reservation at a restaurant where the first drink is on us. Additionally, your fee will go towards helping the instructors that come on the trip. £50 1 class, £65 2 classes, £80 3 classes, £95 4 classes. Ref: BCN + the name appears in your email before the @ Please use the same account as usual. We guarantee your money back if you can’t travel, but please let us know in advance with 48h before (Saturday 09/10/2021)

Covid-Regulations: We will update you a soon, at the moment the regulations will vary from today to October 2021. 

Communication: As you know, we love WhatsApp groups and emails at LS. All communication for booking, payments, T-shirt size and questions will be managed by our amazing email support team – once your booking has been confirmed we will add you to the trip’s official WhatsApp group.


  • Friday 8th October 2021: The Barcelona Skaters Association – asociación de patinadores de Barcelona (APB) hosts a night skate on the streets of Barcelona. This requires a minimum level of LStage 3: Advances. This activity is not related to the club, but we encourage you to take part.
  • Saturday 9th October 2021:
    • Classes from 10-2pm
    • Lunch break 2-5pm
    • LSRoll 5-7pm
    • Dinner 9pm
    • Party 12am
  • Sunday 10th October 2021: Updates and location will be posted on the WhatsApp group as we appreciate that some people may still be in bed after the awesome party, some people may be one of Barcelona’s many skateparks and others may be taking advantage of the sun and beach. We will keep you posted on the WhatsApp group

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