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London Skate Life (LSLife) is more than just a skate school. It is a community of skaters where you can always find someone to roll around the city and have fun with. With LSLife you can find professional skaters coming from all over the world who can share their experience and knowledge throughout the different disciplines of inline skating, including fitness, freestyle, dance and skatepark. We offer classes all around London for adults and kids, from first-timers to advanced skaters.

London Skate Life was founded by German Moreno in 2014 when he first moved to the British capital. There, with the help and collaboration of several skaters from the London blading scene, LSLife has grown from skate school, to skate club, to a community of passionate skaters who love to skate.

Skating can be a lot more than what you expect it to be. It is more than just the quality of your skates, and the skills that you have. It can turn a workout into a fun, rewarding activity. Skating is a way to connect yourself to the world around you in a very special way. It can give you freedom, adrenaline, motivation, control and is also a strong social tool to meet people to hang out with and shred around your city.

“Happy On Skates” is our motto.

German Moreno - Instructor and Founder

German was sponsored by InGravityShop 2010-2014, K2Skates 2007-2010 and SebaSkates 2011-2013 and was part of several competitions in Spain, he won some of the most important national competitions from 2008-2013 (slides, highjump, slalom, speedslalom) and participated to international ones like PSWC, or WXS. He is thankful to ImpulsoUrbano one of the best spanish skate clubs of Madrid. He is still collaborating with Spanish clubs: Sliders, ImpulsoUrbano. From all of his skate experiences he learnt that sharing his passion and skills is the best thing you can get.

Stephen - Instructor

Stephen has been skating most of his life. 17 years of rolling along and jumping off anything he can see. It all started when he was 8 in a skatepark in Scotland where he learned the way of the ramps. Later in his teens, he then took his wheels to the streets. Small wheels and grind plates soon evolved into free skates when he discovered how much fun could be had with bigger wheels. You’ll now find him cruising around the London streets looking for new obstacles to skate on and new people to skate with also behind Slickwilllies till to recommend you the best wheels!

Lavy- Instructor

Lavinia is 31 years old and been living in the UK for 8 years now. started skating at 10 years old and hasn't stopped ever since. She loves combining dance moves with slides on skates. Lavinia also worked as a dance teacher at a kindergarten for 3 years. She said being given the opportunity to combine the 2 things she loves the most (skating and working with children) is a blessing.

Yuval - Instructor

Skating from a young age but took a break from inline skating in favour of skiing and ice skating. Played ice hockey at University but realised that he really mostly enjoyed the skating part. Started inline skating again when a friend lent him some old skates and has been parallel sliding ever since. Hates running. Thinks bicycles are boring. "Teaching is a two-way street. When you teach you end up learning just as much as your students, if not more. Teaching allows me to improve my own skills whilst helping others do the same. Its a mutually beneficial experience. Teaching is the best way to learn" "Big wheels make you taller"

Aurora- Instructor

Starting her journey in the famous LFNS street skates, decided in 2019 to enrol with London Skate Life as a student. She wanted not only to cruise the big city on skates, but also to make her 8-wheeled feet a form of art and expression.
Had to resort to lonely self teaching in lockdown, and, in that time, discovered she wanted to become a teacher in the same school that gave her great skills and countless friends.
Speaks English, Italian and pretty fluent Spanish.

Michael “Copper” - Instructor

90’s Kid. Old School. Borrowed a pair of inline skates in 94’. Bought his first pair two weeks later. From day one involved in the aggressive skating community. Without any skateparks available at the time, he cooperated with various organizations and sponsors to design and construct some of the first skateparks back in his home country. This allowed the kids in the community to progress their skills, becoming better skaters, and to push the sport forward. At present you can find him #urbanskating in Cities across Europe, at skateparks in London or… shouting: “Keep left” as LFNS MARSHAL.

Yineska - Instructor

Yineska has been skating since she was a child back in Venezuela where she was born. She started freeskating in 2006 in the streets of Madrid where she lived for 4 years. She brought her passion with her when she moved to London in 2010 but it was in 2017, after she started taking lessons with London Skate Life, that she understood that skating is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle. One of the things she loves most is being part of the London Skate Community. Skating is one of her biggest passions alongside teaching, running and dancing.

Jaro - Instructor

Skating is my passion so my personal goal is to become a master of this discipline and also to spread the knowledge I was given to people, so they understand what skating is truly about. I already became a Slick Willie's and LSL team rider, but there is still a lot of stuff to improve, so I prioritise discipline and consistency.

George- Instructor

He started skating when he was about 7 years old in Greece. He bought aggressive skates when he was 13 although there were no skateparks in his hometown. Later he fell in love with speed. He has won 2/2 inline races in Thessaloniki Greece. He was also a ski national cup holder in 2010, two-time national ice hockey champion in Greece. He was an ice skating instructor for kids & adults for 4 years and he can't wait to start teaching inline too! The feeling he gets back from all those lessons is just indescribable!

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