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Which classes we offer?

If you are not sure about your availability month per month.  Why you don’t try our Drop-In Classes. And if you want to be informed of our Drop-In Classes here


 or chat with us by the green icon in the bottom.

  • Instructor approval: Some of our higher level classes require a level of seriousness. We focus more on technique and introduce advanced moves and styling that require practice. Do to the nature of these classes, we require instructor approval to join these classes.

What do we need from you?

Please, bring your own skates, and we suggest you to bring also, wrist guards and knee pads. If you do not have them you can rent from the shop, Slickwillies.

Whats on our classes?

Monthly Courses are made to build up your level. Our classes mix fundamental technique with a taste of street practise. Our goal is that you reach the next level. And we will fight your fear and share our passion to get a confident level for you. From the initial levels we will get into Fitness, focus on your body control, turn technique, balance on skates, ways to push and get speed and in the other hand ways to reduce it and stop without losing a cool style and right execution. And in the advanced levels, we will learn Freeskate and Freestyle movements such a like jumps, backwards, step off-step in, ramps, downhills, slides, slalom and much more.

How much does it cost and for how long is my class?

Our Monthly Courses cost 50 pounds. It includes classes for 1 hour and 15 minutes time. In the first day of the month, you will pay to your Instructor (cash or via bank transfer)

We are a big family and we want you to offer more to be part our skate club. Go to Slickwillies and using your ID card you will enjoy 10% off in all your skate purchase. 

How can i book?

Check your level and book your place in the group. Email us: londonskatelife@gmail.com or add you email and we will add you into our emailing list.

What if i can not go to one of my Monthly Courses?

Each month you take with us, you have one class to miss and take back in one of our Drop-In Classes with the same level at yours. Ask your instructor for more info or ask right.

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