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Whats on our classes?

We run a wide option of classes like




The classes will be very specific, we will focus to help you achieve a particular skill or trick. For example classes of fitness skating could be how to t-stop, turn or go backwards. Freeskate classes could be how to ride down stairs forward and backwards, jump obstacles or master numerous slide techniques.


Which levels we teach?

From first timers up to Advanced level, you will find your right level in our classes. We specified the level of each class in its description. If you don’t know your level yet check: Find my level?


How much is it and what’s included?

London Skate Life Card

It costs £65 and includes 4 hours within group sessions. You have 3 months to use the card. The card starts to run from the first day you take the class until 3 months time.

Get 1 hour FREE to use anytime when you complete 8 hours worth of lessons (equivalent of 2 cards)

Pay as you go:
Not sure about your availability.  Why not PAYG – £20 per class.


How do i know about the classes?

We run classes each week giving you the choice to join in when it suits your needs and schedule. We post them:


How does it work?

Bring your card to every class you attend and have it signed by your Instructor. If you dont have the card you can buy straight in the class you attend.


What more does it include?

Bring you LondonSkateLife card to Slickwillies and your ID card and enjoy 10% off in all your skate purchase.


I want my card, how can I get it?

Pay straight cash to the instructor

  • PayPal: londonskatelife@gmail.com
  • Bank Transference: Account number: 09834973
    • Short code:  23-69-72
  • Concept: Your name

Cards will provide in the first class you attend with us. Ask your instructor.


How can i book?

To book a class you can just email us: londonskatelife@gmail.com or send a message through our Facebook page (Up to 24 hours before the starting time of the class)

*If you want to cancel your booking please contact us the day before, if you don’t cancel your booking on time you will waste your hour class.                

 Get 1 hour FREE to use anytime when you complete 8 hours worth of lessons (equivalent of 2 cards)

            If you have any question about drop-in cards just send us an email at londonskatelife@gmail.com



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