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The skate is our passion

London Skate Life (LS Life) is more than just a skate school. It is a community of skaters where you can always find someone to roll around the city and have fun with. With LS Life you can find professional skaters coming from all over the world who can share their experience and knowledge throughout the different disciplines of inline skating, including fitness, freestyle, dance and skatepark. We offer classes all around London for adults and kids, from first-timers to advanced skaters.

London Skate Life was founded by German Moreno in 2014 when he first moved to the British capital. There, with the help and collaboration of several skaters from the London blading scene, LS Life has grown from skate school, to skate club, to a community of passionate skaters who love to skate.

Skating can be a lot more than what you expect it to be. It is more than just the quality of your skates, and the skills that you have. It can turn a workout into a fun, rewarding activity. Skating is a way to connect yourself to the world around you in a very special way. It can give you freedom, adrenaline, motivation, control and is also a strong social tool to meet people to hang out with and shred around your city.

“Happy On Skates” is our motto.

German Moreno

Instructor and CEO

German was sponsored by InGravityShop 2010-2014, K2Skates 2007-2010 and SebaSkates 2011-2013 and was part of several competitions in Spain, he won some of the most important national competitions from 2008-2013 (slides, highjump, slalom, speedslalom) and participated to  international ones like PSWC, or WXS.

He is thankful to ImpulsoUrbano one of the best spanish skate clubs of Madrid. Also, he is still collaborating with spanish clubs Rollermania, Sliders, ImpulsoUrbano. From all of his skate experiences he learnt that sharing his passion and skills is the best thing you can get.



My name’s Sam Crofts and I’m a 28 year old professional Inline skater. I began skating on the south coast of England when I was 5 years old, originally playing roller hockey with my brothers and the other kids on my housing estate. Outside Of hockey I began experimenting with stunts, mostly jumping stairs and bombing hills. When I was 10 I discovered aggressive skating through magazines and videos, I starting going to skateparks and began learning the basics of grinding. I always liked skateparks, but soon realised my real passion was in street skating.

 To this day I still enjoy a varied diet of skating and was fortunate enough to gain sponsors that cater to all my skating needs. I’m currently Pro for USD skates for my aggressive skating and have been a member of their international team for over 5 years now. I regularly travel abroad to film and compete for USD, and have successfully won a handful of international contests, mostly real street.

I am also a keen free skater and 3 years ago became a part of the Powerslide Pro team. Lastly I ride for Undercover wheels, widely considered to produce and pour the best urethane available, which luckily for me comes in all sizes from 55mm-125mm so can be used on all my set ups. My new signature Undercover 110mm wheel will be available worldwide February 2019.

For 2019 I’ve decided to also turn my attention to teaching, to inspire and grow the next generation of London’s inline skaters. The feeling of freedom and satisfaction I get from skating is incomparable to anything else I know. Skating has given me so much in my life that it only feels right to share this with the world.

Piers Coussey


As a kid, I always loved to roll, whether it was on a bike, board. When I first saw someone on a pair of rollerblades, I knew I had to try them and from then I was hooked! The love only grew stronger when I discovered aggressive skating and the feeling of discovery and accomplishment that came with it. 

As an 'olderblader' I don't do as many crazy tricks as I used to, but enjoy perfecting the finer details of my skating, while expanding the range of the types of skating I do. Skating is physical, but it is also mental and always individual. 
Outside of skating, I have taught young people and adults a variety of subjects in the classroom. Getting to teach with London Skate Life has given me the opportunity to combine my skills and my passion in whole new way.

Michael “Copper”


90’s Kid. Old School.

Borrowed a pair of inline skates in 94’. Bought his first pair two weeks later.

From day one involved in the aggressive skating community. Without any skateparks available at the time, he cooperated with various organizations and sponsors to design and construct some of the first skateparks back in his home country. This allowed the kids in the community to progress their skills, becoming better skaters, and to push the sport forward.

At present you can find him #urbanskating in Cities across Europe, at skateparks in London or…

shouting: “Keep left” as LFNS MARSHAL.

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